Link to Faculty Office Hours

Adjunct Faculty and Lecturers

  • Ms. Elisabeth Anderson (Lecturer)
    Phone: 909.537.7784
    Email: eanderso@csusb.edu
    Office: CS-108
  • Ms. Lorrae Fuentes (Lecturer)
    Phone: 909.537.3396
    Email: raefuentes@gmail.com
    Office: BI-018
  • Dr. Christina Wistrom (Lecturer)
    Phone: 909.537.3662
    Email: wistrom@att.net
    Office: CS-111

Emeritus Faculty

  • Dr. Klaus Brasch (Molecular and cellular endocrinology)
  • Dr. Herb Brunkhorst (Science Education)
  • Dr. Richard Fehn (Animal Physiology, Endocrinology) - IN MEMORIAM
  • Dr. Dalton Harrington (Limnology)
  • Dr. Sarojam Mankau (Parasitology)
  • Dr. Alexander Sokoloff (Entomology)
  • Dr. Ruth Wilson (Botany)


  • Tom Benson (Instructional Support Technician)
    Phone: 909.537.3309
    Email: tbenson@csusb.edu
    Office: BI-323
  • Peter Braun (Instructional Support Technician)
    Phone: 909.537.3662
    Email: peter.braun@csusb.edu
    Office: BI-211
  • David Coffey (Instructional Support Technician)
    Phone: 909.537.7391
    Email: dcoffey@csusb.edu
    Office: BI-208
  • Cynthia Chrisler (Animal Health Technician)
    Phone: 909.537.5307
    Email: chrisler@csusb.edu
    Office: AH-007
  • Liane Greaver (Instructional Support Technician)
    Phone: 909.537.4409
    Email: greaverl@csusb.edu
    Office: CS-107
  • Katrina Preciado (Administrative Support Coordinator)
    Phone: 909.537.7398
    Email: kpreciad@csusb.edu
    Office: BI-302
  • Debbie Reynolds (Administrative Support Coordinator)
    Phone: 909.537.5305
    Email: dreynold@csusb.edu
    Office: BI-302B