Fehn, Richard

Dr. Richard Fehn


B.S., California State College, San Bernardino
M.S., California State College, San Bernardino
Ph.D., University of Arizona


Dr. Rich Fehn, longtime professor in the Biology Department at CSUSB, passed away June 30, 2007 after a long battle with cancer. Professor Fehn served the department as an outstanding leader, teacher, and scientist for twenty-four years. He was a past Chair of the department, a Golden Apple award winner for excellence in teaching, and was named the Outstanding Professor at CSUSB in 2004. His legacy includes a generation of students who were inspired by his teaching in both the classroom and the research lab.


Research Interests:


My laboratory engages pre-professional undergraduate and Masters-level graduate students in studies that focus primarily on elucidating the regulatory mechanisms for, and actions of, thyroid hormones in association with obesity and noninsulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM). The diabetes (db or lep) and obese (ob or lepr) mouse models have been used to study thyroid dysregulation, the role of leptin in thyroid regulation, leptin-thyroid hormone interactions in feeding, glucose disposal, lipid metabolism and glucose transporter trafficking, as well as interactions with the sympathetic nervous system. Collectively, these factors determine the tissue distributions and utilization of metabolic substrates that, in turn, affect myocellular insulin-sensitivity, hepatic glucose production, and total body energy expenditures, all of which are central to the obese-diabetic syndrome. This work employs in vivo metabolic studies in combination with ultrastructural and molecular analyses to provide an integrated multi-level view of the pathology.

Representative Publications and Presentations:

Reno, C. and R. Fehn, 2007. Leptin and Thyroid Hormone Regulate Hepatic Lipid Trafficking into Macro- and Microvesicular Pools. The FASEB Journal 21:683.2.

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BIOL 200 - Biology of the Cell

BIOL 424 - Animal Physiology

BIOL 576 - Endocrinology