Skillman, John

Dr. John B. Skillman


Phone 909.537.5276
FAX 909.537.7038


B.Sc., Oregon State University
Ph.D., Duke University
Postdoctoral Fellow, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

Undergraduate Courses

Bio 200 Biology of the Cell
Bio 354 The Biology of Higher Plants
Bio 431 Plant Physiology
Bio 450 Ecology

Research Interests

  • Evolutionary and ecological physiology of photosynthetic organisms
  • Ecology of tropical ecosystems
  • Ecology of montane ecosystems
  • Ecology of temperate forest ecosystems
  • Climate Change Biology

Selected Publications

Skillman, J.B., K.L. Griffin, S. Earll and M. Kusama. 2011. Photosynthetic Productivity: Can Plants do Better?, Chapter 3 in: Thermodynamics - Systems in Equilibrium and Non-Equilibrium, Dr. Juan Carlos Moreno Piraján (Ed.), ISBN: 978-953-307-283-8, InTech, DOI: 10.5772/20192. (online)

Skillman, J.B. 2008. Quantum yield variation across the three pathways of photosynthesis: not yet out of the dark. Journal of Experimental Botany. 59:1647-1661.

Skillman, J.B., M. Garcia, A. Virgo, and K. Winter. 2005. Growth irradicance effects on photosynthesis and growth in two co-occurring shade tolerant neotropical perennials of contrasting photosynthetic pathways. American Journal of Botany 92:1811-1819.

Silvera, K., J.B. Skillman and J.W. Dalling. 2003. Seed germination, seedling growth, and habitat partitioning in two morphotypes of Trema micrantha in a seasonal tropical forest in Panama. Journal of Tropical Ecology 19:27-34.

Valladares F., J.B. Skillman, and R.W. Pearcy. 2002. Convergence in light capture efficiencies among tropical forest understory plants with contrasting crown architectures: a case of morphological compensation. American Journal of Botany 89:1275-1284.

Skillman, J.B., M. Garcia, and K. Winter. 1999. Whole-plant consequences of Crassulacean acid metabolism in an understory terrestrial bromeliad. Ecology 80:1584-1593.