Timetable For Prehealth Students

Freshman Year:

  • Gather information about yourself, about careers in medicine and other health careers, and about the years of education and training required for each career so you can make the right decision about your future.
  • Start building an excellent undergraduate record. Review your performance early in the semester and take corrective steps to improve any deficiencies.
  • Try to develop a personal relationship with at least one faculty member whose interests are similar to yours and who stimulates you intellectually.
  • Participate in selected extracurricular activities to complement your program and provide some enjoyable diversion.
  • If possible, try to involve yourself with some volunteer work in a medically-related area.

Sophomore Year:

  • Continue to do well in your courses or improve your record.
  • Make an effort to get to know at least one more faculty member out of the classroom.
  • If you have not already done so, involve yourself with some volunteer work in a medically-related area.

Junior Year:

  • Start thinking seriously about the application process and obtain information about medical schools.
  • Make this your strongest academic year yet. Remember that this is the last year for which grades are regularly included for medical school application.
  • Complete your premedical science courses.
  • Prepare for the MCAT or other professional entrance examination.
  • Make an effort to get to know at least two more faculty members outside the classroom.
  • Meet with the Health Professions Advisor early in the spring semester to discuss application procedures and timetable.
  • Request evaluations from faculty members who know you and your qualifications.

Summer Between Junior Year and Senior Year:

  • Have your transcripts sent to AMCAS and non-AMCAS schools or submit to other professional school application services.
  • Fill out and submit the AMCAS application and any applications from non-AMCAS schools or from other professional schools.
  • Request to have your Committee recommendation sent once you have received notification that your application has been sent to the professional schools.

Senior Year:

  • Complete secondary applications as you receive them.
  • Check with professional schools to establish whether or not your file there is complete.
  • Have interviews with the schools to which you have applied. (The schools will initiate the interviews).
  • Continue to do well in all your courses. Remember that a transcript of your final grades must be sent to the school at which you plan to enroll.
  • Notify the Health Professions Advisor of the results of your application.