Information for Students Interested in Veterinary Medicine

Prerequisite Courses for Veterinary Medicine

Note: Each school of veterinary medicine has specific requirements. These are general recommendations only. Students should check the pre-requisite courses for schools to which they will be applying.

Requirement: CSUSB equivalent:
1 year of Biology with lab BIOL 200, 201, and 202
1 year of General Chemistry with lab CHEM 215 and 216
1 year of Organic Chemistry with lab CHEM 221 A and B, 222 A and B, and 223 A and B or CHEM 321, 322, and 323
1 year of Physics PHYS 121, 122, and 123 or PHYS 221, 222, and 223
1 course in Genetics BIOL 423
1 course in Physiology BIOL 324 or BIOL 424
1 course in Microbiology BIOL 320
1 course in Statistics PSYC 410
1 course in Biochemistry CHEM 436

Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC)

The AAVMC contains a wealth of information for prospective students of veterinary medicine.

Veterinary School Admissions Process

The Veterinary Medical College Application Service (VMCAS) is the common application gateway for all veterinary medicine college in the USA and Canada as well as several additional departments of comparative medicine, international colleges of veterinary medicine, and institutions of veterinary medicine education.

The VMCAS deadline is in early October. Interested students should consult VMCAS for details.

Links to Veterinary Schools in California


  • The Associate of Zoos and Aquariums maintains a job listing page, which also includes internships.
  • The Cat House, Rosamond, CA. The Cat House is an exotic feline breeding compound whose objective is to preserve endangered felines such as tigers, leopards, jaguars, etc.
  • California Wildlife Center, Calabasas, CA. The California Wildlife Center focuses on the rehabilitation of wildlife animals in the southern California area. They have volunteering opportunities, and three different internships offered at various times throughout the year including a Wildlife Rehabilitation Internship, a Wildlife Medicine Externship, and a Marine Mammal Stranding Response Internship.
  • Marine Mammal Care Center at Fort MacArthur, San Pedro, CA. The Marine Mammal Care Center at Fort MacArthur works primarily with stranded marine mammals including seals and sea lions. They have volunteer orientations throughout the year, and they also offer a 10 week pre-vet internship.
  • Pacific Marine Mammal Center, Laguna Beach, CA. Also specializing in seal rescue is the Pacific Marine Mammal Center. They're run by a small staff and a large support of volunteers and have opportunities for volunteers to help with rehabilitation and release of seals.
  • The San Diego Zoo has many opportunities for volunteers to become involved as docents or interpretive volunteers. The zoo also offers a program called the San Diego Zoo's Institute for Conservation Research, which offers paid Summer College Student Fellowships in Applied Animal Ecology, Behavioral Biology, Conservation Education, Genetics, Applied Plant Ecology, Reproductive Physiology and Wildlife Disease Laboratories.
  • The Los Angeles Zoo has a number of volunteer positions and also offers internships during the summer. The volunteer positions include a docent program, keeper/animal care, general volunteers, and animal health care volunteers.
  • Enkosini Eco Experience Baboon Sanctuary houses over 400 baboons and is the only facility in Southern Africa that accepts orphaned or abandoned baboons and offers them long term care.
  • VIDA Veterinary Medicine Team. Throughout the year, VIDA forms groups of veterinary and medical teams from across the country that travel to Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Honduras. This opportunity allows you to travel with a group to a country to help trap, neuter, and release stray dogs and cats.
  • CSUSB's CoyoteCareers can help arrange internships at places such as the Humane Society of San Bernardino Valley, Jungle Exotics, and Wildhaven. Nearly every shelter accepts volunteers, and some rescue groups take volunteers as well.

Additional Links for Pre-vet Students

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